Are you ready to take our MOJObody™ CHALLENGE and win free products?

Challenge Rules
1- Order your challenge products bundle kit below.
2- Take a before photo of body inches and weight measurements.*
3- Follow the system provided with your product bundle kit.
4- Lose 10 pounds and or 3 inches by following the system.
5- Win a FREE MONTH supply of your MOJObody™ challenge products.

Do it again…lose 10 pounds and or 3 inches by following the system and receive another FREE MONTH supply of your MOJObody™ challenge products.. No time requirements at this time.

How to Register

  1. Download the MOJObody™ CHALLENGE agreement (Click here)
  2. Send us your agreement, along with your profile (BEFORE) photo and also photo of your current scale weight and inches.
    SEND EMAIL TO ===>
  3. Once we reply and accept your challenge request you are good to go.

Bottom line…Simply lose the weight and/or inches to receive FREE products.   That’s it… We’ll be your #1 cheerleaders!

Get Your MOJO Now!

* Take your (BEFORE) photos against a white or light background wall. Repeat this process for your (AFTER) photos.  Must have proof of date on all submissions. After you take your before and after photos, take an additional photo on scale with a news paper or someway to prove the date of photo taken.

MOJObody™ reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel this promotion at any time, without notice or consent at any time.